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Derived from our passion for film, we set out to create, experiment, and collaborate with artists. We handle the entire production of our films, from the moment of inspiration to the completion of the film.

Concert &
Music Video

By working directly with artists we create music videos and concert footage that fits their energy and style. Every performance is different, and we highlight the unique qualities of the artists and their music.

Advertising &

Our years of experience have led us to create engaging advertisements, corporate pieces, and event videos. Big or small, we believe each brand has a story to tell. We want to capture it for you.

Operations Manager

Wesley Gue

Wes has years of experience in business and technologies, and handles the day to day operations, web design, and technological support for Make Stuff. Since joining the team, he’s also worked as a producer, camera operator, and organic green thumb.

Creative Director

Alec Pieper

Alec is an editor trained to produce ads and engaging online video. After a number of years in the ad agency world, his experience has given him the eye and ability to craft nationally broadcast advertisements and high level online content. Outside of editing Alec is an all around filmmaker who is creating and shooting different projects.

Head of Production

Jon Gollner

Jon is a filmmaker with a strong passion for telling stories. He has experience in all facets of filmmaking, but primarily works as a director and editor. Jon’s wide variety of projects includes corporate advertising, promotional videos, documentaries, narrative films, music videos and live event footage.

Who We Are

Make Stuff Media is a collection of filmmakers who want to make stuff. Consisting of producers, directors, cinematographers and editors, our team has years of experience producing broadcast advertisements, promotional videos, film, music videos and live event coverage. We want to take our talents and make stuff not only for ourselves, but also for our clients.


GBs of footage